Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Everyday is a new beginning

April month was a very tiring month ever but yet it was the best month haha acano tuh? :p

Hii and assalamualaikum!
So yeah, on 7th April 2012 SMK Convent Kajang organised a marching competition. I got participate in that competition. Alhamdulilah, segala titik peluh kami selama ni membuahkan hasil hehehe. Kadet Polis for evening session got first place and for morning session, they got sec place. We were so happy that day. And not to forget! Congrats to Kadet Remaja Sekolah who won first place for morning session :D You guys are superb! Good job guaaaaiz.

Talk about merentas we go! On 10th April, my school mengadakan merentas desa which was held at Mewah Club. The track was 3kms. Penat dia memang tak yah cakap lah haha . Tired as hell~ But the end of the day we, Treacletier had alotsaa fun because after the merentas desa we went to Sushi King to celebrate Sry's Birthday :)

Kadet! Polis! Kadet! Polis! Kadet! Polissssss! :'D