Friday, November 18, 2011


Thursday was the last of school for 2011 . 1 Rubi had a partay at KFC and played bowling . jyeah we had alot of fun together . snap picture here and there . hahaha wanna see ? pi facebook , malas nak upload dekat blog . sorry :3 i swear 17/11/11 is the best day ever! i'll miss all those moment with them <3 and its the last time i hug , met my sister :( hmm nanti dah takde dah orang yang selalu kita text , kita manja , kita merepek , kita jumpa next year , you know who you are  . kak , you always in my heart ,  thanks for being there when i need you , thanks for everything . you know what ? you are the best sister i ever had . i know only 4 months you being my sister but it means alot to me :') kay kay lastly i wanna say sorry to you guys if i have make mistakes . i know sometime Syira terkasar bahasa or tersinggung perasaan korang tapi Syira tak sedar . im so sorry . Everyone make mistakes kan ? hiwhiw :3 so schools holiday have started already and everyone busy planning for a vacation aite ? lol i know i know . kay guys enjoy your hoildays! bye 

2011 was not bad , i still enjoy my life . ohh , dear 2012 please be nice to me :D