Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Its 21:21 pm and here i am laying on the bed and forcing my eyes to shut down . Weird ? Jyeah . lol actually im having headache and flu . Really naaais aite ? Hmm i ate ubat just now and i feels much more better . Alhamdulilah . So next week school gonna start . Lets say byebye holiday and hi to school , books . Time flies so fast and i cant even....err kay . I wonder how im going to face it . Being a 14 girls are not as easy as you guys think . For me i hate 2011/Form1 i dont really hate but you know when we grow up our feelings change . We think out of the box and start being matured . Theres some part we were getting hurts hurts and hurts hurts again am i right people ? I know people out there will say "wth you only 14 dude , please stop being emotional and blabla im more older than you but tak kecoh pun macam kau" k i dont give a damn what people gonna say about thiz . Thiz iz my blog , the only place that i can luahkan my perasaan . You guys are not in my shoes so just shut up . Kay stop till there let move on to the happy story yeayy! Haha today me wakeup at 9AM . Went to SRA SG KANTAN . yes my school last year . It was agama school . Went there with mom , dad and my siblings except Syazwina . Mom and dad go ambik buku sekolah agama Angah and Syakirah . Then we went for lunch . Go home and went out back to printing shop . Buat name chop for me and my siblings . At 2 something we went to Cziplee . Bought ze books that belum ada dalam book list . Then we went home . hee . So im done preparing school stuff . Just wait for school to re-open :D Im shoo excited kay . Thats all i think . Bye . Assalamualaikum :)