Sunday, November 13, 2011

Muka excited ite meowwww :3

Guyss tomorrow is 15th! guess what ? the trip to museum of course . hahaha well imma kinda excited :D so tonight i'll pack my things and get ready for tomorrow! woot woots . but somethings that i really hate is the rempit rempit gonna join us too . jyeah , the rempit from Berlian -,- naah nevermine we the Treacletier gonna conquer the bus . wooooo . Theres no chance for you Berlian muahahaha *evil laugh xD //kejamnya saya// so my results oledi come out and not okay . im just too sad with my results hmm me afraid that i'll turun kelas . idw that to happen . ohh please :( harap tak lah . Aminn . ohhkay stop here i'll update my blog about the trip later kay ? byebye :>