Monday, December 19, 2011

Hello guys! Me just got back from The Mines . Teman my mom dia ade facial appointment around 12 liddat with my sisters . While waiting for mummy me and my sisters went to watch Alvin and The Chipmunks 3 . Yeah it was awesome . I love Theo the most in ze movie :3 hehe he shooo kiut yknow . So who notchet watch it you guys must go and watch it with family or friends kay! ;) Then mom called , she said she have done with her facial and blabla . We decide to ate ate at A&W after that we jalan jalan in the Mines . Enter this shoes shop , 'cuci mata' haha for awhile . Hmm i want to buy a shoes but then mom said "later lah , later we go for shopping at klcc ke kay" i was like "haa k maa -.-" .  Lol my mom always liddat . Haha . So at 5 we went back home :) Yeah althou im so tired but i had so much fun with them <3 Thanks Maa for today love ya :*