Monday, January 2, 2012

Page 2 of 366: Just nice :)

 'This year is going to be my year because I won't wait for things to go my way. I will make them go my way'

'Do what people say you can't do' -

'Just because it's not happening right now ,doesn't mean it never will' -

Just drop by to say that i no longer on my facebook or twitter acc . I mean not like always , on all day long . Im just going to on my facebook or twitter acc when im free . Yeah that kinda sad but its for my own good too . Lepas ni blog ni berhabuk balik lah . haha yknow the reasons dah kan . Paham paham je lah . Kay school gonna start on this Wednesday and i will be very busy . Study , tuition , homework and whatsoever . Actually im so excited to go to school this Wednesday hehe going to meet my gurlz soon . Lalala thats all i guess . Bye blog! Will missing you :*