Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Born day

Assalamualaikum and hai hai pehpul! Its has been so long i didn't update my blog . Kinda sad huh? Just that i'm so busy with school and stuff . Doesn't have so much time to update blog . Life has been so ughhh k. no need to tell, better not hmm yeah . Lulzz actually school was okay laaah :D

Okayy so i'm here to wish Happy Birthday to my sister . Her birthday was on 6th February . I want to post about it but tak sempat :/ so sorry . Anyway, Happy Birthday kak! I wish all the best for you and good luck for everything :* And and i miss you badly . tak tipuuuuuu tapi ikhlas dari hati hehehehe .

And of course , my soul mate , my babeh , my best best bestfriend Amyra the birthday girl for today! Heyy Mywa sayang , happy birthday happy birthday and happy birthday to you! May Allah bless on you :) So amacam surprise tadi? Sorry wehh but apa yang dirancang perjalan dengan lancar hohohihihuhu but ada something kan yang jadi tadi . Sumpah we were so sorry . Tak expect pun bende tuh jadi :( Naah next time , we will make sure that eveything gonna be alright ok baby? You know , i'm so grateful to have you in my life . Thanks for everything kawan . I know you love me , i know you care~~~~~ hahaha nanti dah bina tangga tuh jangan lupa ajak aku makan nasi minyak atas tangga jugak tau . *kening kening*LOL kbye .

Ni je lah gambar kau dengan aku :)
-14th January