Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Idk, but this is what i felt...

Ok. Assalamualaikum , hello people and Happy Sunday everybody! 
Woots lama tak update , no mood to update maa . So i just wanna story about my life yeah 'awesome life' i guess? lulzzz .

This week , I mean last 3 days i had a test at school . It was freaking hard i tell you! Not all the subjects lah . Ughhh rasa terseksa *muka budak pemalas* sob sobs~ but alhamdullilah i can do it hmm . I hope the results are good like what i thought insyaAllah :) So this month is my daddy birthday! yeayy ohh and my baby Nina too :) Uuuuu going to plan some surprise for them hehehe . 

Ohh nanti bulan 4 mama dengan papa pergi umrah ;( for 2 weeks . I'm so gonna miss them hmmm . Nak buat camne diorang pergi pun untuk mengejakan umrah kan? Takpe 2 minggu tak tak lama Syira . K takdok idea dah what to tell errrr wtv till then! Bye and assalamualaikum